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AWP: Part I experience

Year out as Part I Architect spent in the Parisian firm AWP. Worked in a variety of project at different scales: from multi-purpose masterplan in Switserland, to urban furniture design in the Parisian business quarter of La Defense. Hard team worker, responsible of model making and computer drawings.

Project credits of AWP

Nanterre Paris plan guide
XXL. Guide Plan to the Open Spaces of the City of Nanterre, France
Urban study on the city open spaces: what are they and how can we revive them?

crissier foam physical model crissier foam physical models
XL. 85 100 sqm. Orèe de Cris sier, Switzerland
Private client, masterplan and construction of housing, commercial blocks and open spaces.

jardin de l'arche diagrams jardin de l'arche models
L. 71 044 sqm. Jardin de l'Arche, La Dèfense, France
Public and Private client, complex mix of urbanism, architecture and landscape design. Regeneration project of the parisian business centre of La Dèfense, including a ramp over the new infrastructure system and a series of small buildings with public aim.

Budapest liget international competition render Budapest liget international competition interior render
M. 16 000 sqm. Hungarian Museum of Architecture, Budapest, Hungary
Budapest liget international competition.

paris interior design plan paris interior design section
S. 230 sqm. Armenonville, Neuilly sur Seine, France.
Private client, apartment renovation of two top floors in the north of Paris.

jardin de l'arche furniture physical models
XS. Urban Furniture, La Dèfense, France.
Public client, part of the project of 'Jardin de l'Arche