One day Graphics

Graphic design and illustration projects.

neon style portraits of punk figures


Family portrait inspired by street fashion and street photography around New York City.

Woman_pattern Woman_nature nina_simone


Strong and independent, free and owners of their own body. Playing with colours and patterns inspired by the everyday life and urban surroundings.

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Day/night on a hammock

Speculative illustration

03 03


Speculative season illustration about the life on a small Brooklyn street on my way to work.


Ceramics in space

Collage for the entry page of a ceramist website. Merge of all of her main pieces together.



Design for a non-profic calendar, whose story was about Mary, a girl from Nigeria, blackmailed to become a prostitute in Italy. Her journey across the globe speaks for all the immigrants that every day, run from death wishing for a future across the Mediterranean sea.


Pantha rei

Exploring the concept of pantha rei (everything flows) and ephemerality. Photoshoot throughout a day, every 30min and 10min towards the last shots.


Super dentist Branding

Logo and branding design for a dentist studio specialised in children care.

o1 03

Cosmopolitan Roma Suites

Designed in 1950 by Montuori Vitellozzi, Termini is an iconic example of Italian rationalism with clear and functional forms, merging with more classical forms. The client wanted to establish a link between these curves and its guesthouse, recalling the 1930s, when the original project started.The geometry was simplified to its pure form. The addition of color for its iconic curve adds a dynamic element to the composition. The font was study to resemble 1930s signs.

o1 03

Riders on the storm

Driving through the Death Valley during a lighting storm. The client wanted to keep this increadible event forever. Photograph and design by the author, execution by Filippo Garbaccio, Tiga Tattoo Design.