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The Zorki project

Zorki C is a soviet copy of the 1950s Leica R2 analogic camera. I took this piece of metal with me around the world willing to learn the basic rules of photography. This brought me to later understand the processing and printing of the film, experimenting and discovering new ways of the method. The Zorki C gives you no indication of light, this means that just by looking at the sky and light intensity, the photographer needs to guess the shutter speed-aperture relationship.
As a basic rule of thumb, the shutter speed should be the same of the iso. If the sky is clear the aperture will be 16, cloudy will be 8 and indoor 4.5. In the evening or in dark spaces the shutter speed will have to be lower with the aperture at its maximum. This minimal approach gives you much more time to look for the best urban frame.
The Zorki project opened the way to experiment with different analog cameras and to understand much better my DSLR. My digital portfolio can be found on my Unsplash profile

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London alley

London, UK

Upside down NYC South Williamsburg Williamsburg bridge

New York City, USA

death valley venice beach

California, USA

coney island coney island

Coney island, NYC, USA